Problematic Lint

Clean Cycle Cleans Up Problematic Lint

Using the Correct Lint Filter will

Reduce Drying Time and Save Money
Prevent Lint Floating into Air Conditioning Systems or other Facility Machines and Creating a Maintenance Nightmare
Reduce Laundry Fire Hazards
Create better Relationships with Businesses Surrounding your Area
Reduce Landscape or Parking Lot Lint Debris
Promote Employee Safety and Health at your Facility


Since 1985 the Clean Cycle Systems Sales & Engineering Team has been solving Dryer Tumbler lint problems  around the world. The CCS crew is dedicated to solving your lint situation in the best possible manner with one of our models and the use of exhaust air systems – when needed.

The CCS Crew provides in depth analysis of your situation and assists with technical, installation requirement, and logistics. We hope that you will be pleased with our attention to detail and craftsmanship of CCS products.

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